CHOP! Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

Oh my Gosh, this hospital is absolutely amazing!!! They were so efficient I could not believe it. Steve and I flew out last week for our full day of appointments. We had to check in at 7:30am and fill out some paperwork, of course. By 8am we were seeing were having our Fetal Echo done, which last about an hour. From there we were taken back to the waiting room where we literally waited no more than 2 minutes before we saw our next doctors. They are amazing—- We never waited longer than 2 minutes before we saw our next set of doctors, genetic counselors, OB/Gyn. I am so impressed.

I am set to go back to Philadelphia this Sunday to be a part of a research study on the development of the brain on children with Congenital Heart Disease. I will be having a Fetal MRI done on the baby’s brain and be given my medication (Progesterone). The hospital is paying for my flight and hotel stay, so that I can be apart of this study. It is pretty impressive.

I will then again travel back in October for another follow up appointment. I will take Ryan back with me so he can see the hospital and meet some of the staff. We will then go to the Aquarium on Friday, super excited.

I do not have to actually start living in Philadelphia until the second week of November. I am blessed to be able to stay with a friend from work who lives in Delaware. It is simple amazing how certain people enter your life at the right time to help you in situations like these. I truly feel blessed with the people by mine, Steve and Aidan’s side offering support, hope and everything else. I do not know where I would be without these amazing people. Thank you everyone. We truly appreciate everything you have done and are doing.

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