Oh my gosh, I do not know what to say, but I HONESTLY have the BEST doctors in the world! I just saw my baby’s Cardiologist, Dr.Stock, on Thursday the 24th, and had another echo-cardiogram done, and GOOD NEWS, no changes. The heart is still showing that there is no restriction, so that is good. At this visit, we not ONLY looked at me, but we also looked at my 5 year old son and Great News, his heart is perfect!

I informed him that we have decided to go to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and he was excited and said that I would be in great hands. That he would contact the hospital tomorrow and get the ball rolling on getting me setup. And that I would hear probably hear from someone on Friday, but defiantly on Monday.

Well Dr. Stock, himself, called me at home on Friday and informed me that he talked with the scheduling department and that someone would be in contact with me. I hung up with him, and literally, 60 seconds later my cell phone rang again and it was the hospital. They were so nice and gave me a weeks range of dates since I am traveling from Phoenix to Philadelphia. They gathered some information, gave me a breakdown of what my day would like, seeing a my surgery team and new doctors. Then she informed me that she would be there for another couple of hours, so I could call back Friday or Monday with what date I wanted.

I immediately started looking at flights and was so so lucky to find a roundtrip non-stop flight for ONLY $387! I know crazy huh! So, I book the flights, call her back and get my date set up for September 14th! Then I call my OB/GYN fill them in and they are faxing all my information to them, and just keep reassuring me that everything is going to be good and if I have any questions to never hesitate to call.

Well, it does not stop there. Dr. Stock had sent my son’s echo report to his pediatrician Dr. Seitter and he called me today! He wanted to personally check up on me, since he was wondering why my 5 year old had an echo that he did not refer out and saw Dr. Stock report about my unborn baby. Well Dr. Seitter, listened to what I said, and confirmed with me that he actually study cardiology in Philadelphia at that hospital and went over how weekly weight monitoring would be going with his office once I returned from Philadelphia and that I am in great hands with CHOP and Dr. Stock.

I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER, had so many amazing doctors and staff. They have all been simply REMARKABLE! Everyone keeps asking me how I am holding up, if I am stressed out, but honestly, NO. I have such great people on my team, that they are literally taking the stress away from me. I know that once it gets closer, all of that will change and I will start to stress, but right now, I have the BEST DOCTORS! They have really made this news and helped me figure out what is best for me and the baby and help me get a plan going. It has all been really impressive. Well that is all for now, more to come once we travel to Philadelphia!

Thank you.